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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Microsoft - Master Data Management


At last there is activity on the MDM side of things from Microsoft. I have been following industry news and Microsoft news on Strature acquisition by Microsoft since mid 2007. Finally there is a dedicated site for this (Master Data Management).

However there are few questions on how +EDM will be utilised within the Microsoft Business Applications suite (MS CRM, Axapta, Navision etc). +EDM originally focused on hierarchy management and business intelligence. I have not seen any literature which project +EDM with pre-built data models such as its competitor products (IBM WCC, IBM WPC, Seibel UCM and the likes)


1) Does Microsoft present and industry specific data model through +EDM?

2) If Microsoft presents the industry specific data models, do they relate back to their own products or be product neural?

3) Will there be a product or Guidance specifically around meta-data management (because Master Data and Meta Data are the two pillars that are required for SOA)?

Also note that MDM is not mentioned on Microsoft SOA web site like it competitors

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